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The Mission

Our mission is to help Outdoor Living Home Service businesses achieve unparalleled local growth. We accomplish this for our client’s using our proven process, cutting-edge platform, and comprehensive Growth Partnership – which together provide everything needed to win more.

Why We Do This

“Local businesses symbolize freedom and perseverance. Our mission is to amplify their growth, impact, and success in this digitally evolved business landscape where the playing field, scoreboard, and strategies are different.”

Jon Parker, Founder & Owner

12 +
Years Experience
90k +
Leads Generated
$64k +
Daily Sales Record
$400k +
Monthly Sales Record

* These numbers are from the growth-driven agency Jon has owned for over the last decade. Still to this day there are active clients of over 10 years are are top in New England local quote based companies. This shows Jon’s dedication to becoming a Growth Partner versus service provider or tool. Two years ago, Jon stumbled upon a new technology just as he had done with WordPress and decided to go all in seeing the potential. That technology platform is now giving Salesforce and Hubspot a run for it’s money and Local Quote Pro’s entire business is built on the same technology we deliver to our clients as it is the technology that comes around once a decade and changes everything just like AI has done but this time for business technology, systems, and entire approach to their marketing, sales, customer experience, advertising, and internal operations including team growth and daily management. That is why Local Quote Pro is positioned in the most ideal way for Outdoor Living Home Service companies. Because we are used to the service driven agency approach but then solved the hardest parts of that approach but getting in early with now a technology that has over a million companies on it and 60,000 agencies moved to it. Then we built the most powerful, efficient, and simple systems we could possibly do over the last two years letting our clients guide the needs for every system we created. I personally have hopped on hundreds of hours worth of one on one consulting calls with our clients to dial in systems down to the smallest of details. Now as a new client you get our top systems dialed in for your business and fully proven, testing dialed, in and ready to plug and play into your business. This is as turnkey as it can be while still involving you as the businesss in your own business strategic layer and then showing how to maximize that strategic layer by us providing all the agency secrets and agency systems that we used for the last decade to make hundreds of thousands doing agency services for our clients. Some of our systems we give to you as Growth Levers so that you are in control of your growth and empowered to grow as far as you want without limits and without the traditional agency leash. The point of this mission page is also to show what options a business has and why we cretaed local quote pro and how we are going about the solution of it then etiher link to the technology page or include that on here?

* The performance stats also include our initial lead generation system which we delivered to the top local quote based companies in New England for over a decade. We then spent many months digitizing our proven formula into one complete system with one login – called Local Quote Pro.

A majority of Local businesses fail Because They Lack Growth Systems.

A majority of local businesses face the challenge of failure primarily due to the absence of effective growth systems. Without a structured and well-implemented growth strategy, businesses often struggle to navigate the complexities of their industry, leaving them vulnerable to stagnation or decline. At Local Quote Pro, we believe in empowering businesses with the right systems and tools to not only survive but thrive, ensuring a path to sustained success.

Did you know…


Many small businesses close down after 10-15 years, often facing financial challenges throughout that period until the owner eventually shuts down. 

CLosed Mind To the Digital Evolution.

Resisting the digital evolution hinders technology adoption, ultimately preventing the implementation of modern growth systems in your business.

Not Measuring The Right Things.

Failing to measure the right metrics means you lack focus on the crucial aspects of your local business, impairing your ability to assess modern day performance.

Focused On Low Impact Efforts.

A lack of focus leads to prioritizing low-impact tasks. With limited time and money, there’s an opportunity cost in neglecting the highest impact efforts.

Bridging the Gap From Offline Task Based Processes To Automated Digital Systems.

Bridging the Gap: The Technology Bridge to Modern High Efficiency Growth Systems

Just like outdated equipment, outdated business technology reduces your efficiency, productivity, and speed. As a local quote based business, maximizing your teams time is crucial. Outdated technology, or even worse, offline manual-task-based processes waste hours per day for businesses making growth more difficult. Enable your team to drive the systems, not be them.

Make these in the bubble format and list here as pain points

The Old Way

Stop BEING The System & Start DRIVING Them Instead.

Unleash Enterprise Power Locally: The Future of Business Growth

Discover the future of business growth as we explore the dynamic between individual technologies and integrated platforms. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches and learn how an integrated platform can unlock the potential of enterprise-grade solutions tailored to your local business needs. Explore the path to efficient, scalable, and competitive growth in the evolving local blue collar business landscape.

Here is agency 3.0 the AI Age of Agencies – see how we can deliver more value based on our technology and system advantages.

Unleash Enterprise Power Locally: The Future of Business Growth

Discover the future of business growth as we explore the dynamic between individual technologies and integrated platforms. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches and learn how an integrated platform can unlock the potential of enterprise-grade solutions tailored to your local business needs. Explore the path to efficient, scalable, and competitive growth in the evolving local blue collar business landscape.

Here is agency 3.0 the AI Age of Agencies – see how we can deliver more value based on our technology and system advantages.

The Old Way

Local Growth Partner

The Old Way

The New Way

The Old Way

The New Way

The Old Way

Our Approach

Individual Technologies

Integrated Platform

We Are Not A Technology Company But Instead Use The World's Best To Deliver The Most Effective Growth Solutions.

Our Technology Stacks Stats & Awards

It Gives SalesForce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho, & Other CRM-Driven Platforms A Run For Their Money As You Can Build Better Systems.

60,000 other agencies Have realized how much better and more integrated of solutions we can deliver to our clients.

Our difference maker is we spent over a year Building out our proven local growth systems after dialing them in for over a decade and generating 50,000+ qualified sales opportunities and thousands of Premium Local customers.

We distilled all this experience into one platform, with one login, so we can be your one Growth Partner for your business and deliver as much New Revenue as well as Time Savings as we can.

Core Technologies --> Technology Platform --> Industry Solutions (Our Value Layer)

Show Graphic of this - Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Twilio, Mailgun,
Then broad conceptual graphic or real screenshot of showing it all put together into one single Platform (Huge Advantage That Alone)
Then to Build Proven Systems into this platform and Build in ways we never could before. There is still a first major wave of Companies Who Started Up Around Offering A Feature or Two Of This Platform. But now the People who lived and breathed digital growth Systems for 45,000 hours of their life have moved their own systems into this platform.
Now It is about Choosing The Best Partner for the job
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Our Core Principles That Fuel Local Success For Outdoor Living Services

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize their needs, goals, and success above all else. We listen, understand, and adapt to provide the best solutions.

We are committed to continuous innovation. We seek creative and effective ways to simplify local business growth to provide the ultimate advantage for our clients success.

Transparency is key to building trust. We maintain open and honest communication with our clients, providing clear insights into their business performance and our platform’s capabilities.

Our platform is designed to be adaptable and flexible, allowing us to customize solutions for industries we enter and evolve for new challenges to remain as a cutting-edge industry leader.

We stand by the reliability of our platform which is backed by the top technologies in the world integrated seamlessly into one robust and secure system ensuring operational stability.

We empower our client’s team members to stop being the system and start driving the systems. This paradigm shift is what unlocks maximized team value, empowerment, & moral.

The All-in-one Enterprise Grade Local Growth Platform & Systems.

We leverage technology, automation, and artificial intelligence to reshape the growth trajectory for home service businesses while aligning with modern customer expectations. Our complete growth solution is the fastest, easiest, and most empowering way to evolve.

Boost your credibility to convert more prospects into qualified leads using smart quote forms. Then maximize your reach and track revenue-driven results all from a single dashboard.

Close more leads into new customers using our proven digital sales systems that do the heavy lifting for your sales team to save them time and allow them to focus on closing.

Deliver a 5-star experience at scale by leveraging personalized automation, strategic human touch points, proactive updates, reputation management, and unified communication.

Innovative Solutions Powered by Our Enterprise Grade Tech-Infused value Layer

This often times surprises our clients, but we aren’t a technology company. We are the value layer that seamlessly integrates the world’s leading technologies to create solutions that revolutionize how local businesses operate. Our secret sauce lies in our ability to harness the power of cutting-edge technology and package it into refined, industry-leading solutions for each sector we enter.

What sets us apart is our technology partnerships and the teams that back them. These experts collaborate with us to craft solutions that are second to none. Their knowledge, skills, and dedication enable us to deliver unparalleled value to our blue collar clients.

Unlike companies chasing multi-million-dollar seed rounds, our primary focus is on you – our clients. We are passionate about tailoring top-notch technologies to meet your specific industry needs. It’s about creating solutions that work seamlessly for you.

We believe that excellence should be accessible. That’s why we offer our clients cutting-edge solutions at a fraction of the price. We do this by taking on the technology costs and complexity to provide an easy to use and all-in-one Local Growth subscription.

The Next Level Of Local Growth.

The Most Comprehensive Approach To Short & Long Term Local Growth.

Local Quote Pro aims to be more than a software provider; it seeks to be a growth partner for the hardworking companies that form the backbone of America’s economy. We envision a future where our platform is an integral part of thousands of businesses, driving efficiency, profitability, and growth, thus making a lasting, positive impact on the industry and communities we serve.


We start with a businesses “Strategic Inputs” where we help you go through one by one to ensure every opportunity is capitalized on for your foundation.


Our solutions are built to be the fastest and easiest way to take your business to a world-class level. Just fill in your “Strategic Inputs” and You’re Ready To Grow Faster!


Empowering your team to drive the systems instead of being the systems by easily learning within minutes how to use each of our Growth Levers to add a ton more value.


Our team is here for you 24/7 so if you get stuck or need help on something Growth-related then we go the extra mile to ensure you are back on track with your goals.

You Handle your value delivery as that is your expertise and we'll handle your digital business systems as that is ours. We are the perfect partnership as we know our lane and yours

Financial Freedom

The ability to consistently reach new revenue goals for your business. Without technology this is much harder, making growth inconsistent.

Time Freedom

Once you unlock true financial freedom, then time is your top priority to start buying back in the form of technology and efficiency upgrades.

Location Freedom

We setup our clients to grow and manage their business right from their smartphone to unlock more location freedom and family vacations.

Choice Freedom

Freedom to grow your business to the level you’d like requires the top technologies in order to do so with confidence and peace of mind.

Who We Are & How We Got Here...

Started Marketing Agency

Our founder and owner Jon Parker is New Hampshire born and raised. After attending the University of New Hampshire for Marketing & Finance, he was low-balled from the Marketing Agency he had interned at throughout college. So he decided to start his own agency.


Google Organic Results

This was at a time when "the internet" was just starting to be leveraged by local businesses. The main focus was having a website but it soon evolved to "how do I get more people to my website". So Jon and his small team built sales-optimized and search-optimized local websites.


Google Paid Advertising

After building 30+ sales-driven websites and optimizing them for the Google search engine, the question became "how can we drive results faster". This is what led to Google Paid Advertising which rapidly transformed Jon's clients' businesses.


Lead Generation Systems

Jon's primary agency goal was to generate more leads for our clients in a controllable and consistent way. After three years of doing websites, organic, and paid advertising, Jon and his team streamlined their solutions into finely-tuned Lead Generation Systems that drove results upon setup.


Became Official Google Partner

As results increased and word of mouth spread, Jon's agency started managing $100k's which generated consistent new revenue for his clients and therefore became a Google Partnered Company which unlocked even greater expertise within Jon and his team while providing direct access to Google's top experts.


Honing In On Lead Quality

While most marketing agencies were satisfied with generating consistent leads for their clients, Jon was far from satisfied. He saw a big gap between lead volume and bottom-line results that was not being addressed within the market. This pushed Jon to add advanced tracking capabilities that made it easy to measure not just lead volume, but lead quality.


Pieced Together Revenue Tracking

Even though Jon's agency was surpassing most other Marketing Agencies by focusing on lead quality instead of volume - Jon still wasn't satisfied. So he started implementing the top lead management platforms into local businesses that were currently using a spreadsheet to manage their leads at best. Jon's team integrated online leads directly into any Sales Management tool or CRM that clients wanted to use and then would customize these platforms so their sales team could track new revenue. The problem was each sales platform had its own limitations and obstacles.


Sales Systems + Training

At this point Jon's Marketing Agency could build out powerful websites or Digital Presentations that often would generate 2-4x more leads than competitor solutions. They were masters at organic and paid digital growth channels to supercharge not just lead volume but also lead quality. They then integrated results into sales platforms to track revenue but in doing so they saw the entire sales process and tactics were outdated and still from the  "pre-internet" days. So Jon and his team started digitizing the entire sales process and even re-training sales teams on how to close customers in the Digital Age. This led to massive client success and helping client's add another million dollars per month to their business.


Customer Experience Systems

Jon should be satisfied now! But guess what...he wasn't. Why not? Because his agency's Marketing, Advertising, and Sales solutions became so powerful that he could now easily break the entire customer experience and value delivery of just about any local company. So just like any other growth bottleneck, Jon and his team started building Digital Customer Experience systems so their clients could move offline tasks into online systems that allowed them to handle the higher sales volume being generated without reducing their experience or overwhelming their internal team.


Complete Mayhem & Burn Out

Jon was finally satisfied...with the client results...but at this point to actually deliver solutions that solved a local business's entire marketing, advertising, sales, and customer experience was overwhelming. It would take hundreds of hours, months to complete and dial in, cost $10k's, require 20-30+ different technologies that had to be set up one by one and integrated together, and the solution itself was complex with too many logins for clients to manage on their own. This made it a value-delivery and support nightmare for both Jon and his team who were burning out fast. But they also saw just how important a solution like this was for clients.


Digitizing 45,000 Hours Of Experience

Jon and his team decided it was time to hit the drawing board. Jon took a month off from client work and spent around 400 hours in one month digitizing his 45,000 hours of experience building digital growth solutions. This was a re-architecting of his agency's proven business growth systems into one final solution that could be delivered and supported by Jon and his team. A solution that wouldn't cost $10k's, require many months to build, and then clients would not be able to use internally. All the rest of 2022, Jon and his team spent endless 90-hour weeks building out this solution, adding a handful of beta clients onto it, and rapidly improving based on direct client feedback.


Local Quote Pro

The solution Jon and his team built was so beyond what Jon's agency could deliver that he realized this was the start of the end for traditional Marketing Agencies. Because of this, rather than delivering this solution through his existing agency, he built a new company called Local Quote Pro which was launched at the beginning of 2023. Local Quote Pro was the accumulation of a decade of building digital growth solutions all distilled into one single platform with one login that solves nearly 75% of a local business at an enterprise level so business owners can focus on delivering their value and never have to worry about business growth again. The best part is businesses save 1-3 hours per day, empower their team, make business growth easier, and all of this can be installed nearly overnight.


Watch Our Demo To See How To Grow Faster & Save Time.

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