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What Is “Brand Lift” & How Does It Impact Sales?

Brand lift is the indirect yet invaluable benefit a business gains from increasing its online exposure and enhancing its reputation through positive reviews. It’s a measure of the positive impact of your marketing efforts on the overall perception of your brand, product lines, or specific campaigns. This impact, while not directly trackable, is crucial in establishing your brand’s credibility, expanding its reach, and nurturing a favorable perception in the minds of your audience.

The nature of brand lift, however, makes it challenging to quantify precisely. For instance, when your brand continually pops up online, through search results, social media, or targeted advertising, it begins to solidify its presence in the minds of potential customers. They might not make a purchase or fill out a form immediately, but their awareness and recognition of your brand have been boosted, contributing to brand lift.

Customer reviews are another significant source of brand lift. Positive reviews not only improve your brand’s online reputation, but they also serve as powerful social proof, signaling to others that your brand is trustworthy and reliable. These reviews can indirectly influence potential customers and act as a driver for word-of-mouth referrals, setting off a ripple effect of new customer acquisition.

To truly understand brand lift, consider it as a wave that gently pushes your brand to the forefront of consumers’ minds. It may be challenging to track, but its effects are far-reaching, boosting credibility, increasing referrals, and eventually, driving sales. Therefore, while brand lift might be intangible and non-trackable, its role in shaping your business’s overall growth and success should not be underestimated.

Traditional Conversion Tracking Does Have Some Limitations

In the digital landscape, a 5% conversion rate, transforming web visitors into solid leads, is widely regarded as a robust performance. This reality, however, leaves a whopping 95% of online traffic untapped and unconverted. That’s where the necessity of a smart, automated follow-up system comes into play, designed to re-engage those potential customers who didn’t immediately bite the bait – like filling out your contact form or giving you a call.

Reflect on direct mailing campaigns. It often requires several interactions to finally win over visitors into customers. Similarly, we cannot dismiss the 95% plus, the ones who found you, were intrigued by your digital ads, but, for one reason or another, didn’t make the call or fill out your form on their first visit. These potential customers, although seemingly inactive, can add value to your business in ways more indirect and elusive.

Consider this scenario: a prospect stumbles upon your digital ad, navigates to your website or landing page, and despite not taking any immediate action, takes a screenshot of your site. They text this snapshot to a friend who ends up becoming a new customer. From a conventional digital marketing standpoint, this will appear as an unqualified visitor who left without contributing any tangible value. But in reality, they’ve set off a ripple effect.

This new customer, now actively referring others, leaving positive reviews, and even promoting your brand on social media, significantly adds to your brand value. Such ‘untrackable’ actions, encapsulated within the term “brand lift,” can contribute significantly to your business exposure and growth. All these actions and benefits can’t always be precisely traced back to your online presence.

Your Bottom Line Is The Best Digital Marketing Metric

So, how can you reach more of your ideal customers? How do you nurture these customers into lifelong brand advocates? This is what we built our Local Quote Pro Growth Platform for.

Your bottom line is what counts, and if it’s growing while we’re implementing our campaign, then we’re on the right track. Our goal is to harness the best sales technologies available to track as many tangible results as possible, without losing sight of the overarching goal – growing your revenue. Because in the end, revenue growth is the king of all marketing metrics.

To clarify, let’s take ‘cost-per-click’ or ‘cost-per-lead.’ Focusing solely on these metrics doesn’t provide a complete picture of your business’s health. They’re only valuable when tied to the quality of leads and the revenue generated from each lead.

There are elements of digital advertising campaigns that are trickier to track, like the referral scenarios we discussed earlier. We aim to measure results with the highest accuracy level, from lead volume and quality to the actual revenue generated, leveraging sales intelligence to take things to the next level.

The bottom line is, a professional online presence not only increases trust and credibility but also helps customers make buying decisions. In this digital age, providing a seamless and professional experience from the first interaction to the final conversion is vital to maximize referrals and enhance your brand, ultimately leading to local business success.

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