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Faster & Easier Local Growth.

We simplify & amplify local growth for Outdoor Living Home Services to win premium customers, save hours daily, and set their team up for success.

“We’re saving hours daily and keep getting compliments on our new systems!”

Molly | Office Manager

All-In-One Local Growth Partner For Outdoor Living Home Service Installs.

Local Quote Pro proudly serves the Outdoor Living Home Services sector, catering to industries that enhance the beauty and functionality of outdoor living spaces. Whether you’re transforming backyards or boosting curb appeal, we’ll provide you with everything you need to accomplish revenue goals faster and easier.

Pool & Spa






Hardscape Installs

Driveway Installs

Deck Installs

Fencing Installs


I have doubled my previous years sales. Even though my sales have doubled I’m doing less work!

Derek | Owner

Are Outdated Growth Systems Holding You Back?

In today’s fast-paced market, local home service businesses are finding themselves at a crossroads. The drive to grow and compete is stronger than ever, but outdated processes and technology are acting as significant roadblocks. Many businesses, perhaps yours included, are grappling with systems that are no longer fit for success in the digital age. This disconnect not only hampers efficiency but also stalls growth, leaving valuable opportunities on the table.

We Built Our Local Growth Platform Based On The Growth Multipliers.

2-3X Leads

2-3X Sales

2-3X Reviews

2-3X Faster

2-3X Value

2-3X Profit

Double Your Sales Opportunities By Optimizing Marketing Conversion Rate.

Understanding your Marketing Conversion Rate is pivotal as it’s the foundation for your growth. Acting as a multiplier that can amplify your lead volume. With the industry norm hovering around a 5% conversion rate, our strategies are designed not just to help you meet this benchmark but to potentially double or even triple it, significantly enhancing your return on advertising spend as well.

2-3X Lead Volume

Double Your Revenue Growth By Optimizing Your Sales Closing Rate.

Measuring and improving your Sales Closing Rate is crucial, as it acts as a clear indicator of your sales team’s performance in turning qualified leads into customers. This metric is considered a Growth Multiplier since doubling it will effectively double the number of new customers you generate without any other efforts. Our systems do the heavy lifting so your team can focus on closing.

2-3X Lead Quality

Double Your Online Reviews By Optimizing Your Online Review Rate.

Online Review Rate is a vital metric for customer satisfaction and trust. This rate effectively acts as a credibility enhancer, bolstering your brand’s local reputation in the digital landscape. Having more online reviews helps you gain control over your online review rating and ability to attract premium customers. Our strategies and turnkey systems help rapidly boost online reviews on auto-pilot.

2-3X More Reviews

Double Your Return On Investment By Optimizing Your Return On Ad Spend.

Maximizing your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is paramount, as it directly quantifies the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns in generating revenue. We built our platform based on a need to track revenue generated from our advertising efforts which then allows us to optimize our advertising based on revenue. Doing so ensures we maximize every dollar you invest in digital ads (growth fuel).

2-3X More Success


“We’re having record breaking months, quarters, and years.”

Chris | Owner & GM

We Turn Growth Chaos Into Growth Systems To Boost Your Revenue & Local Reputation.

Most local service businesses operate from a tree-branch style business model which is a result of not having the proper growth systems installed into their business. The right growth systems simplify local growth and set the foundation for saving hours daily through sales and experience automation.

Save 1-3 Hours Daily & Grow Faster.

Goodbye Pieced Together Technologies & One-Trick-Ponies. Welcome Growth Partners.

Technology has changed the local business landscape. Its enabled local service companies to simplify their growth to remove the bloat of traditional approaches. As a growth partner we replace branding, content, marketing, advertising, website, and sales consulting agencies.

The Old Way

Local Quote Pro

Unleash Enterprise Power Locally: The Future of Business Growth

Discover the future of business growth as we explore the dynamic between individual technologies and integrated platforms. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches and learn how an integrated platform can unlock the potential of enterprise-grade solutions tailored to your local business needs. Explore the path to efficient, scalable, and competitive growth in the evolving local blue collar business landscape.

Duct Taped Systems

Complete Growth System


“We Sold $64,000 In Just ONE DAY.”

Aaron | Owner & President

Innovative Growth Tools Only Found In Our Local Growth Platform Subscription.

Optimize the strategic inputs for your local business to create a strong foundation and remove growth anchors. This is how we ensure your business is set up for maximum long term growth.

Attract premium customers by creating a premium first impression which includes optimizing your name, domain, logo, color scheme, and your overall company look and feel.

Utilize the power of artificial intelligence to instantly craft professional, sales-boosting content for your business, offering significant cost savings and local organic growth.

Get a $10k digital marketing presentation for your business to convert 2-3X more visitors into qualified opportunities for your sales team to close. Ditch your underperforming website.

Turn any team member into a sales closer who is able to overcome objections and turn more leads into customers. Stop leaving revenue on the table with our sales closer training.

Unlock a measurable, predictable, controllable, and consistent sales throttle for your local business to hit revenue goals with the most confidence. Take control of your success.

Reputation Booster helps you effortlessly get more online reviews in just one click or on complete auto-pilot using our automated review system which triggers when jobs are complete.

Maps Booster equips you with the top prebuilt assets for comprehensive local organic exposure so that you can generate new customers for free through the Google Map Results.

Simplify your social strategy and build quarterly campaigns within hours that run on auto-pilot. Save thousands of dollars and increase your social proof, credibility, and exposure.

Reactivate dormant leads to create new sales opportunities. Use multiple communication channels to effortlessly turn old lead lists into new sales opportunities and revenue.

Drag and drop leads into the nurture stage of your sales pipeline to automatically warm prospects, follow up with value-driven content, and convert “maybes” into new customers.

Wow customers then turn them into referral generators by leveraging enterprise grade business systems that maximize your revenue per project by enhancing your referrals.

We’ve built in a state-of-the-art digital estimator and quoter tool into our platform that auto-fills new lead information to save time and deliver professional, easily trackable quotes.

Decrease your cashflow friction and improve your customer experience by accepting digital payments. Our exclusive payment processing saves our clients 3% on their profit margin.

Craft a symphony-like orchestra from stranger to paying customer using personalized automation and strategic human touch points to consistently wow your customers at scale.

Find commercial opportunities in the local area you serve using our exclusive Commercial Finder. Land bigger more profitable jobs to increase your revenue and portfolio.

Our Team Prospector adapts our growth systems for local talent acquisition, featuring an automated application process that pre-qualifies candidates, saving time in team expansion.

Enhance your local back-office efficiency, converting saved hours into revenue and team morale. Empower your team with superior systems through our Local Growth Platform.

Save Hours Daily & Make Growth Easier With A Proven Local Growth System.

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